Mauri Valdevino Mendes
SID 1731700
Masters Stage Project MOD000233 TRI3-1 F01CAM

In the master stage I would like to take a very personal approach to developing my storytelling in visual language, by looking into my own roots, particularly my relationship with my mother. In a broader sense, the direction I would like to go is to investigate this relationship with my mother by revisiting my early memories regarding cultural identity, emotional interactions, situations, characters and places which in turn could serve as a starting point to fictional storylines and visual sequences. Besides the memories of my own mother, I would like to approach the concept of mother in a general way, with associations such as the perception of the environment around me when I grew up, the nourishment from mother nature and all the fruit trees of the place I grew up and specially now observing and being inspired by my wife as a mother of our little child.

I will be looking into ways of expressing in visual sequences some of the concepts directly associated with being a child and having a mother like protection, nourishment, unconditional love, education, growth and compassion, but also some other more abstract ideas like being rooted, contact with the earth, nature, life and growth.